E-Learning with Live Classes

E-Learning with Live Classes, E Learning with Live Classes
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E-Learning with Live Classes is a web application that is developed in PHP platforms. If you want more latest PHP projects here. You can modify this system as per your requirements and develop a perfect advance level project. Zip file containing the source code, database file, synopsis (doc and pdf), project report (doc and pdf). This Source code for BE, BTech, MCA, BCA, Engineering, BSc. CS, IT, Software Engineering final year students can submit in college. This script was developed by E-siksha. This web application is 100% working smoothly without any bugs. It is developed using PHP, javascript, Html, bootstrap, and Database MySQL. This software code is helpful in academic projects for final-year students. We have a great collection of projects.


E-Learning with Live Classes Modules - 


Administrator Modules-  


  • Login & Logout - Admin can login & logout by valid credentials.
  • Course Management - Admin can add new courses and modify and delete them.
  • Assignment Management - Admin can add new assignments and modify and delete them.
  • Tutorials Management - Admin can add new tutorials and modify and delete them.
  • Staff Management - Admin can add new staff person's details and modify and delete them.
  • Video Tutorials Management - Admin can add new video tutorials and modify and delete them.
  • Question Paper Management - Admin can add new question papers and modify and delete them.
  • Notes Management - Admin can add new notes pdfs and modify and delete them.


User Modules-


  • User Registration - User register yourself by following details - name, email, contact no, address and password for login.
  • Login & Logout - If the user is already registered then they can log in & log out with valid credentials.
  • Enroll in Course - User can enroll in a course that adds by admin.
  • Take Live classes - Users can take live classes from their dashboard.
  • Download Assignments - Users can download assignments in which course they are enrolled.
  • Download Question Papers - Users can download question papers in which course they are enrolled.
  • Download Notes - Users can download notes in which course they are enrolled.


How to run?


Step by Step process how to install and run E-Learning with Live Classes in your localhost.


1. Unzip the downloaded folder.


E-Learning with Live Classes, bca/mca projects, php projects


2. You will find a database file with the name elearning.

3. Open your localhost and create a database with the name elearning.

4. Import the database file you find in step 2.

5. In unzip folder you can find the source code folder.

6. Copy and paste this folder in xampp --> htdocs/ wamp --> www.

7. Open any browser and type localhost/source-code in the URL bar.

8. Your project was installed successfully.


Test administrator credentials -

url -  localhost/source-code/admin

username - admin

password - password


Test user credentials -

url -  localhost/source-code/login.php

username - [email protected]

password - 12345678



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